2020 Winter Film Festival

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Trauma Research Foundation presents the 2020 Winter Film Festival.

Please join us during the first week of December as we showcase some of the most important films in the field of trauma right now. Each film explores a different aspect of how trauma can impact us. This community event is available through voluntary donation. Please explore each film below and register for the events you'd like to attend. Following each film showing, there will be a live virtual Q&A session with key members of the film and the trauma community. We are excited to be able to share this special time with you.

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Angelo Unwritten background

Angelo Unwritten - Wednesday, Dec. 2nd @ 7-9 PM ET

"Angelo Unwritten" tells the story of Angelo, a gifted yet troubled youth, and Laura and Phil, his final set of foster parents, whom he meets after living in several foster homes. For three tumultuous years, from Angelo's 18th through 21st birthdays, they face unforeseen challenges as they start a new chapter in their lives together as a family.

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Jingle Dress - First Dance - Thursday, December 3rd @ 7-9:30 PM ET

Jingle Dress - First Dance documents the healing journey of Jules Koostachin (Cree, Attawapiskat). In honour of resolving the harm done to her family because her mother was held against her will in the Canadian Native Residential School System, Jules invites a first generation Canadian of European descent to be her witness while she pursues the dream of dancing at a pow wow for the first time in a Jingle Dress.

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You'll Say Nothing - Friday, December 4th @ 7-9 PM ET

This documentary explores a scientific and psychological viewpoint of the relationship between trauma and voice. The video contains interviews with experts in the fields of speech language pathology, trauma psychology, psychiatry and psychophysiology. The documentary You’ll Say Nothing aims at starting and expanding a scientific conversation about trauma and voice that can benefit numerous fields involved in the study of trauma, particularly concerning communication.

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Screen Shot 2020 11 13 at 11 43 48 AM

Wrestling Ghosts - Saturday, December 5th @ 12 - 2:30 PM ET

Wrestling Ghosts is a raw, intimate, and heart-opening documentary about childhood trauma and healing. Wrestling Ghosts follows the epic inner journey of Kim, a young mother who, over two heart-breaking and inspiring years, battles the traumas from her past to create a new present and future for her and her family.

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Jr korpa 7 Tc Lvs Wen Zk unsplash

The Gunkelmentary - Saturday, December 5th, @ 7-9 PM ET

Jay Gunkelman is an icon in the field of Electroencephalography and Neuroscience. A self-taught EEG technician, Jay has inspired thousands of researchers, clinicians and individuals who have benefited from his profound understanding of the brain and his teachings on the analysis of brain activity. The “Gunkelmentary” is a documentary on Jay’s life and work, which will detail the development of the field of electroencephalography over the last half century along with Jay’s insightful musings on the function of the brain, the history and development of EEG analysis as told through his own experience, testimonies from neuroscience professionals and students alike, and Jay’s personal history and background as a simple tech who emerged as one of the most important teachers of our time in the field of neuroscience.

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This Is Paris - Sunday, December 6th @ 12-2 PM ET

We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created.

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Christine sandu R Gvxmou Rio E unsplash

Medicating Normal - Sunday, Dec. 6th @ 6-8 PM ET

Combining cinema verité and investigative journalism, Medicating Normal follows the journeys of a newly married couple, a female combat veteran, a waitress and a teenager whose doctors prescribe psychiatric drugs for stress, trauma, mild depression, sleeplessness, and focus. As a result, they struggle with serious physical and mental side effects, and are saddled with neurological damage from taking the drugs as prescribed and from attempting to withdraw.

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