Our Mission

Who we are

The Trauma Research Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit founded in May of 2018, organized to promote clinical, scientific and educational projects. The purpose of this corporation is to support and conduct non-partisan research, education, & informational activities dedicated to innovative clinically informed projects to develop and implement ​optimal methods, treatments, and modalities to help children and adults heal from traumatic experiences.

Our Mission:

To support and grow a community of clinicians, researchers, educators, and people whose lives are affected by trauma, who collaborate to research, develop, disseminate, and implement optimal trauma treatments for children and adults.

Our Values:

Respect, fairness, justice, honesty, integrity, ecological & social awareness, generosity, accessibility, inclusion, hard work, dedication, commitment, creativity, fun, healing.

Strategy: in order of priority

∞ Gather the best and brightest to be part of our network.

∞ Share our knowledge with Clinicians and People affected by trauma.

∞ Collaborate with our network to research and develop innovative treatments for the treatment of trauma.

TRF Community

Trauma Research Foundation is a community of researchers and clinicians who are committed to developing innovative methods for the treatment of people of all ages who have experienced trauma. In order to carry out our mission, we perform scientific research that translates into innovative body-based treatment modalities that can be used to help people heal from the impacts of trauma.

We aim to expand the field of trauma treatment by increasing awareness of our research-based treatment methods through publications detailing the results of our ongoing research. We also strive to bring together clinicians, body-based treatment professionals, and members of the community in a safe, collaborative environment that leads to a productive discussion on how to help people move forward in their lives after experiencing trauma.

Through our International Trauma Conference, Certificate Program in Traumatic Stress Studies, and a variety of workshops led by our experienced faculty members and the TRF Therapeutic Alliance, we are able to reach a broad and diverse audience.

child blowing dandilions

What we do

For more than three decades, the Trauma Center has been dedicated to an integrative approach to developing innovative treatments for traumatized children and adults, researching the efficacy of those methods, and to training postdoctoral students in the science of treatment development, their clinical applications and dissemination. Some of our ongoing projects and Therapeutic Alliance partners include:


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