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Posted Monday November, 2nd 2020

A Daycation to Challenge Pandemic Blues

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Are you within a two-hour drive of some eye-popping scenery? Fall foliage is a visual delight in much of the U.S. right about now. If you’re in the northeast, maple syrup will soon be running and tapped. Or maybe it’s snowcapped mountains in the Rockies that capture your attention and define your late autumn sky. Perhaps the cooler days in the southern states are a prelude to autumn’s bounty. Here in northern California, seasonal change is minimal but it’s always the perfect time for me to visit the always-dramatic wild and rugged north coast.

While Covid-19 runs rampant through much of the country and makes life difficult at every turn, the great outdoors offers both protection from crowds and enough enchantment to make life seem sane and normal, if only for a few hours. And nature has soothing and health-giving qualities well documented in the psychology journals.

A journey of any kind can serve as a conduit for emotional relief, recovery, and new growth. Therapeutic travel can take you far away or work just as effectively close to home. A meditative walk, while not what we usually think of as travel, might help clear a troubled mind and reduce non-productive worry (meaning worrying about something over which you have no control).

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