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Posted Tuesday December, 15th 2020

Beat Competency & Learning

What is beat competency?

We are all born with a beat inside us. So much of what we do concerns beat. We walk in a beat, our hearts beat, we breath in a beat. Language is rhythmic. Words have rhythm.
Being able to maintain a steady beat is called beat competency.

Beat competency is involved in:

Why is beat competency important for learning?

Research has shown that beat competency is important in learning. Professor Reyna Gordon of Vanderbilt University has looked at the link between rhythm and grammar. She has seen (through her research) direct correlations between a good grasp of beat and language development.

A sense of beat is needed to understand the intonation and cadence of language itself. Sometimes this can be lacking in children. They may struggle with beat competency due to many different reasons. This can therefore be detrimental to their learning. The good news is that it can be developed.

As with many things the more you do something, the better you become at it!

Furthermore, there are many opportunities to improve beat competency with children.
Tatty Bumpkin songs involve keeping a beat. Children Inspired by Yoga classes involve visualisation and use the imagination, whilst moving to a beat. This is a fabulous way to build a true sense of rhythm in the mind.

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