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Posted Monday March, 1st 2021

Connection in the Time of COVID

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How are you doing? Have you had a vaccination shot yet? Do you know others who have? Are you looking forward to getting vaccinated, or are you not sure what to believe of what you read? How hopeful are you feeling about the world today?

We have been living with COVID-19 for over a year now. As of this week, in the United States, over 28.5 million have been infected, and over 510,000 people have died. We’ve been masking up and keeping our distance as best we can. What measures and precautions have you taken to keep yourself and those around you safe?

While experiencing a global pandemic has led to a multitude of challenges, including immeasurable losses and grief, staying connected with others in a meaningful way continues to be an issue most everyone is contending with. When the world first started shutting down, many of us isolated and turned to crafts, hobbies, cooking, virtual yoga classes, and virtual social visits. Others had to keep working and while being exposed to unknown and potential dangers. Many had to work from home with the in-person loss of friends and coworkers, and with the added demands of children and spouses at home. And others still, lost their jobs and faced debt and displacement. And again, so many of us were sick, or lost loved ones, and heartbreakingly, didn’t get to say goodbye.

What have you gone through in this last year? What have you done to keep a sense of connection and agency during this time? How have you been coping? What resources have you turned to? What, if any, acts of self-care have become a part of your regular routine? How has your life changed?

Our good friend, psychodrama and recovery expert, Dr. Tian Dayton, has created a Covid-Emotion Relief Package workbook to share freely. We offer it here as one more resource for self care and healing as the year unfolds, and we transition from winter to spring.

Maintaining Emotional Sobriety During COVID-19 by Dr. Tian Dayton
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We look forward to continuing this COVID conversation next week. Last week, we sent out a survey regarding your experiences with neurofeedback. If you have not had a chance to fill it out yet, we hope you will take some time to review it. We are looking to understand how fully, and effectively in our community is neurofeedback being used for the treatment of trauma. You can access the survey here.

Neurofeedback Survey
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