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Posted Friday September, 18th 2020

How to Get Trauma Out of Your Body and Truly Heal

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Trauma—whether emotional or physical—is a painful, horrifying experience that overwhelms your capacity to cope, and its effects often last for decades. Victims are more likely to be irritable, anxious and depressed…have difficulty focusing…miss work…have financial problems…sleep poorly…abuse alcohol or drugs…suffer from a major health problem…and/or feel suicidal.

There are many ways to be traumatized. Experts estimate that an astounding 75% of us have experienced one or more traumatic events of varying degrees.

Examples: You suffered through a childhood of abuse. Your parents had a bad divorce, or one or both were mentally ill, alcoholic or addicted to drugs. You were raped or sexually assaulted. You were mugged. You killed people in combat and watched friends die. You lived through a natural disaster. You were in a serious accident. You’re a cancer survivor. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine have the potential to leave traumatic scarring on some.

What often gets overlooked: Beyond physical injury caused by the event, trauma leaves an imprint on your body, not just your brain, in the form of heartbreaking and gut-wrenching physical sensations.

For real healing to take place, your body needs to learn that the danger has passed and that it’s possible to live in the safety of the present. Here’s what you need to know to lay the residues of trauma to rest—and recover…

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