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Posted Monday March, 29th 2021

In conversation with Licia Sky: Dr. Lorraine Freedle and Sandplay Therapy

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Licia Sky recently visited Dr. Lorraine Freedle in her studio in Hawaii to experience and discuss Sandplay Therapy. Sandplay therapy is a cross-cultural, non-directive method of psychotherapy founded by Dora Kalff with roots in play therapy, Jungian psychology, and contemplative practices. Sandplay combines play, active imagination, symbolic expression, and meditation to provide children and adults an experiential means to tap into the unconscious and facilitate psychological healing and transformation.

The sand player is provided with a tray of sand, water and other resources such as figurines and items from nature, and is invited to create a scene of their choosing. Sandplay is done in the presence of an attuned, trained therapist who witnesses the process without judgment or premature interpretation. Sandplay pictures provide a window into a person’s inner state, including psychological conflicts and potentialities. By creating a series of sand trays in the safety of the therapeutic space, a natural psychological healing process is brought forth.

Dr. Freedle is a certified member of the Sandplay Therapists of America (STA) and the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST). She has been studying and practicing sandplay since 1989. Dr. Freedle conducts sandplay therapy, personal process work, consultation, training and research.

She will be presenting "Stories in the Sand: Psychocultural Pathways to Healing Trauma During Community Crisis" at the 32nd Annual Trauma Conference during the Expressive Arts pre-conference track on Wednesday, May 26th.

View Licia Sky's Interview with Lorraine Freedle Here

Another Look at Sandplay Therapy - Longer Version with Bessel van der Kolk

Bessel Sandplay Therapy

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