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Posted Tuesday March, 23rd 2021

Neurofeedback Forum with Bessel van der Kolk, Sebern Fisher, and Ruth Lanius

Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma

In this introduction to Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma, Sebern Fisher, a long term practitioner of neurofeedback and the author of the acclaimed book “Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma: calming the fear driven brain”, will be joined by Ruth Lanius and Bessel van der Kolk, both of whom have done extensive research on the effectiveness of neurofeedback, and on its underlying mechanisms.

Neurofeedback makes use of the brain’s capacity for change to reshape brain networks. It is a way to directly train the brain to function better. Neurofeedback is a research-supported treatment to manage arousal, sharpen attention, relieve anxiety, and improve learning …without medication.

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