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Posted Monday October, 26th 2020

Passion, Grit, and a Can-Do Attitude Keep the Spark Lit

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Passion, grit, and a positive mindset are a winning combination. Unfortunately, new research from Norway suggests that people tend to become less passionate or less willing to persevere towards achieving inspirational goals shortly after passing the 50-year mark.

In addition to becoming less passionate and losing resilience in our golden years, this research pinpoints that around age 54, a mindset shift often occurs that makes older adults, in general, more cynical about the odds of their grit and passion being worth the effort in terms of mastering or maintaining extraordinary skills in a particular area.

This study (Sigmundsson, 2020) from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology was conducted by Hermundur Sigmundsson of NTNU's psychology department. His findings into how passion, grit, and mindset evolve between the ages of 14 to 77 appear in the January 2021 issue of New Ideas in Psychology.

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