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Creating a Network for Healing, Innovation, and Transformation

A place where we come together as colleagues, clinicians, practitioners, and researchers—with a shared understanding of how trauma affects the bodies, minds, hearts, and lives of people as individuals, in families and communities— and where, based on that understanding, we collaborate, co-create, research, and expand therapeutic pathways to healing.

Seeking Expert Partners— Join Our Network

We are seeking experienced colleagues with infinite curiosity, and backgrounds in multiple modalities, such as IFS, EMDR, SE, SP, AEDP, Hypnotherapy, Expressive Arts, and other forms of psychotherapy, to join us as core team partners in offering clinical evaluations, group and individual therapy, consultations, trainings, and workshops, in our innovative fee for service program.

The new Network will have a strong experiential component as articulated in The Body Keeps the Score. Backgrounds in ARC, SMART, Yoga, Bodywork, psychedelic assisted therapy, neurofeedback, Psychodrama, Theater, SandTray, TheraPlay, Neurosequential Development Model, and Infant Mental Health, are highly valued.

In addition to individual evaluations & treatment, partners will have opportunities to provide trainings, consultations, supervision, and workshops to schools, clinics, hospitals and other institutions.

Please submit a two-page letter of inquiry and intent, plus curriculum vitae and potential references below

PDF or Word documents only


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