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Dear Friends of The Trauma Center,

The Trauma Center, founded in 1982, has since its inception, been a unique national and international organization in combining high-quality clinical care, innovative treatment research, and worldwide teaching and dissemination of various effective treatment techniques for traumatized children and adults.

The heart of our mission is our collective passion for the development and application of innovative treatment techniques to improve the lives of traumatized children and adults. The first neuroimaging study of PTSD was conducted at the Trauma Center, as were the first studies using Prozac, yoga, EMDR, Neurofeedback, ARC, Theater and Psychodrama for PTSD. The Trauma Center was instrumental in founding the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, a congressionally mandated federal initiative that currently consists of 150 sites around the US. The mission of the Trauma Center is being carried out in the US and the world by postdoctoral students who have trained with us over the past 36 years.

In May of this year, we established an independent nonprofit, the Trauma Research Foundation to continue the work of the Trauma Center.

Currently we have several programs running: The Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate Program, the MDMA Research Study, the Child Neurofeedback Study, and the International Trauma Conference. Additionally, some of our programs have formed new organizational structures affiliated with the new Trauma Center, namely Boston Neurodynamics (Ainat Rogel, Diana Martinez and Bessel van der Kolk), SMART Moves Partners (Elizabeth Warner, Alexandra Cook, Heather Finn, and Anne Westcott), and The Center for Trauma Training and Education (Margaret Blaustein).

In Spring of 2019, we will open the new clinical home and heart of the Trauma Center. In our beautiful up to date space, we will resume providing clinical services for traumatized children and adults, and continue to create collaboration and innovation through training programs and research.

To that end, our end of year goal is to meet the expenses of the first year of running the new Trauma Center clinic. Thanks to the generosity of the Mid-Day Foundation, we have a matching funds program for contributions made in the last days of this year. If you are able, we'd love it if you could make a donation to help with the startup costs in setting up the new Center.

If you can't give, but still want to support the Trauma Center, please share our letter with your friends, family members and coworkers. With more people aware, we'll be one step closer to reaching our goal!

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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