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Small Group Q&A Conversation with Ed Tronick & Bessel van der Kolk on "Disrupted Caregiving Relationships vs. Traumatic Stress: Treatment Implications of Their Differential Effects on the Development of Self, Mind and Brain" Online Workshop

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Screen Shot 2020 06 27 at 8 10 39 AM July 29th, 2020 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm Online Learning

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Join Ed Tronick & Bessel van der Kolk on July 29th 12:00PM EDT-1:30PM EDT for a special live Q&A.

This lecture will summarize decades of work in Dr. Tronick’s lab about the nature of attunement and repair between mothers and infants, and examine the long-term effects of misattunement and lack of resonance on the long-term adaptation of human beings. Dr. Tronick and Dr. van der Kolk will examine the treatment implications, illustrated by a videotaped psychodrama session conducted by Dr. Van der Kolk that specifically addresses the deficits uncovered in Dr. Tronick’s laboratory.

Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of the interactions between mothers and infants, and the responsivity and mood of the mom affects the reactions of the child.

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