Peer Counseling for Healing from Oppression Based Trauma: Fundamentals I Online Workshop

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Fundamentals1 April 21st, 2021 - 10:00am - 3:30pm Learn More and Register

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Peer Counseling for Healing and Recovery from Oppression Based Trauma: Fundamentals I

The Peer Counseling Project is rooted in the basic theory and methodology of ReEvaluation Counseling. It seeks to make counseling assistance more broadly available to a wider population. The Peer Counseling Project trains individuals in the theory and methods of Peer Counseling, and trains peer counselors to lead Peer Counseling Circles.

Workshop I: (Half day) Basic Theory and Skills of Peer Counseling

This Introductory Workshop provides an overview to the basic theory and skills of Peer Counseling. It is available to individuals and groups seeking to learn the basic theory and methods of the Peer Counseling Project.

Price: $90

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