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Small Group Q&A Conversation with Lou Bergholz on "Designing Trauma-Informed Interventions for Youth at the Grassroots Level: A Practical Toolkit for Bringing Research to Practice" Online Workshop

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Screen Shot 2020 06 27 at 8 15 34 AM July 29th, 2020 - 9:30am - 11:00am Register Now

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Join Lou Bergholz on July 29th 9:30AM EDT-11:00AM EDT for a special live Q&A.

There is a growing need for trauma-informed programming for young people in non-clinical settings. Utilizing cutting-edge research and an adaptive approach, providers can implement programs that acknowledge and address the deep impact of trauma, from school to camp to sport. This workshop will equip you with the tools and framework to design an effective, high-quality trauma-informed intervention in your non-clinical setting. The following topics will be explored: transforming clinical approaches to accessible models for participants and staff, embedding emotional regulation in programming, and supporting your staff in program implementation. We will reference several successful trauma-informed programs, including the Newtown Parks and Recreation Department, CARE International in Gaza and Free to Run in Afghanistan. Ranging in programming from long-distance running to summer camping, these programs foster resilience and strength using a trauma-informed lens. They will serve as our guide as we explore the intersection of research and clinical treatment at the grassroots level.

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