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Small Group Q&A Conversation with Taruno Steffensen & Bessel van der Kolk on "Treatment at the Interface of Addiction and Trauma" Online Workshop

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Screen Shot 2020 06 27 at 8 20 05 AM June 30th, 2020 - 4:30pm - 5:30pm Register Now

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Join Taruno Steffensen & Bessel van der Kolk on June 30th 4:30PM EDT-5:30PM EDT for a special live Q&A.

In an attempt to manage the enormous distress associated with adverse childhood experiences and traumatic stress symptoms, there is an enormous risk of developing any type of addiction or substance abuse. Trying to numb intensely emotional experiences in a world that drives and promotes addiction promotes use, which then commonly evolves into abuse and, finally, addiction. Suffering from traumatic stress interferes with recovery. Addiction treatment must address the role of the addictive behavior in “numbing” traumatic arousal/ activation, the origins of both in one’s traumatic past, and the reality that recovering from either requires recovering from both. This hands-on workshop will help participants experience sensory-based approaches, emotional regulation skill building, somatic experiencing exercises and guided meditations as a means of the liberation from addiction and trauma – and offer the hope of recovery.

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