Peer Counseling Project

With Dr. Barbara Love

The Trauma Research Foundation Peer Counseling Network is a new and developing online community program. As it stands now, we are offering beginning level trainings with Dr. Barbara Love for people interested in joining the network so they can develop the basic skills of safe listening and supportive attention. Fundamentals I and II trainings will be offered throughout the year. In the fall, we will offer an advanced level-III workshop to begin training experienced members to bring peer counseling skills to the communities they work with. For more information and to be added to the peer counseling network notices, please click the button below to add your email to our list.

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Peer Counseling for Healing from Oppression Based Trauma

This Introductory Workshop provides an overview to the basic theory and skills of Peer Counseling. The course is the first step in Trauma Research Foundation's Peer Counseling Program. It is available to individuals and groups seeking to learn the basic theory and methods of the Peer Counseling Project.

SUMMARY: In this course, we identify and discuss manifestations of trauma resulting from social identity based inequalities. Recent research examining the connection between social identity based inequality as sources of trauma and its effect on individual well-being is presented. Contemporary manifestations of cross generational trauma are explored. Barriers in access to healing are identified and discussed.

This course is presented as a model for healing social identity based trauma. An overview of the basic theory and embodied skills of peer counseling is presented. The liberatory consciousness framework and phenomenological foundations of peer counseling is presented along with peer counseling methods of embodied listening and discharging. Phenomenal storytelling and meaning making and somatic processing along with combined aware attention from a peer counseling partner provide the platform for the healing work.

This course is based on the assumption that all humans have the right to the opportunity to heal from trauma. A key benefit of peer counseling is its capacity to bridge the gap in access to healing. Peer Counseling is especially suited for members of a population toward whom social identity-based inequalities have been targeted.

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