Come to Your Senses (0 CE Credit)

Come to Your Senses (0 CE Credit)

Come to Your Senses (0 CE Credit)


[9] Come to Your Senses: Establishing & Regaining Body Awareness (0 CE Credit)

Recorded lecture with Licia Sky & Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, REAT

Since anxiety is experienced as heartbreaking and gut-wrenching physical sensations, traumatized people need to be helped to safely access their physical sensations and become aware how touch, breathing, and movements leads to alterations that are under their voluntary control. Self-regulation is a much neglected dimension of effective therapy of traumatized individuals, and can be taught by regular practice of simple somatically oriented techniques.

  • Describe two techniques to teach individuals to get in touch with their bodies as pathways to self-regulation.
  • Identify how activation of interoceptive pathways helps individuals gain control over excessive arousal or withdrawal.
  • Examine 3 simple techniques for self-awareness to support self-regulation of physiological arousal or withdrawal.


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