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What's Next: JULY Q&A with Conference Faculty + Networking

Throughout the month of July, The Trauma Research Foundation is hosting 1.5 hour follow up Q&A sessions with several conference speakers.

This smaller format provides participants with the opportunity to dive deeper into the featured speaker’s work, and ask unanswered questions in a more intimate setting. We are excited to offer this opportunity for attendees looking for the next step in learning to deepen their understanding of the content shared during the conference.

Program Hosted by Bessel van der Kolk, MD
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2020 Post Graduate Program

Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies

We are pleased to announce that TRF’s supporting members receive special pricing for the Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate program, an immersive 32 week online training. This comprehensive post graduate program bridges advanced research on PTSD and developmental trauma, facilitates monthly opportunities for a face-to-face interactions with senior supervisors, allows for the formation of peer support groups, and serves a gateway to other post graduate programs offered by TRF. Enroll today to join the program beginning July 15, 2020.

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This month's recommended read

The Power of Discord

The Power of Discord: Why the Ups and Downs of Relationships are the Secret to Building Intimacy, Resilience, and Trust draws on Dr. Ed Tronick’s research and Dr. Claudia M. Gold’s clinical experience. Through their work and plenty of real-life examples, you’ll learn the secrets to forming deep, lasting, trusting relationships, developing resilience in times of stress and trauma, and nourishing a solid sense of yourself in the world. This is the key to unlocking better connections with romantic partners, family, friends, and colleagues alike. The Power of Discord is a refreshing and original exploration of our ability to relate to others and to ourselves.

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Our supporting members are pillars of the Trauma Research Foundation. Becoming a supporting member helps TRF conduct non-partisan research and develop educational resources for children and adults. As a supporting member, you have access to the TRF Member Network, a powerful tool for referrals and collaboration, and special membership event pricing.

3 day pass holders to the 31s Annual Trauma Conference are automatically enrolled as supporting members. Supporting membership open enrollment begins July 1st.


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