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Monday, September 28th at 12:00 PM EDT

Quarterly Virtual Networking Event for TRF Members

We know the importance of connecting Supporting Members with their peers. Networking provides you with the opportunity to build relationships with other clinicians, be exposed to new ways of thinking about important topics, and build a trusted referral network. We have made virtual networking central to your membership and invite you to join us for the next virtual networking session on Monday September 28th at 12pm EDT.

In the months since the Trauma Conference ended, we have held Follow-up Q&A sessions with many of our faculty. We hosted a special workshop with Dr. Barbara Love that addressed the peer counseling model and social justice. And, we also held our first two book club meetings with Betsy Polatin, author of Humanual, and Ed Tronick & Claudia Gold, authors of The Power of Discord. We’re thrilled that so many of you could join us for these events.

We also hope you have been enjoying our TRF Tuesday community events as much as we have! Linda Thai recently finished her last session, but if you missed any of her events please visit our TRF Tuesday page so you can take advantage of her mini classes aimed at helping you calm your nervous system and find balance in your life.

We have just started our next community event - Practical Connection: Nurturing Healthy Development with Dafna Lender. Now more than ever, we are faced with helping our children navigate the challenges they face. Dafna offers practical tips and guidance to help caregivers teach children how to navigate through difficult times. We hope you’ll join us next Tuesday, September 22nd at 4:00 PM EDT for her third complimentary event “How to make a child really feel heard.”

We look forward to hearing from you regarding your interests for the upcoming networking event. Please mark your calendars for September 28th at 12:00 PM EDT. Sign up today to hold your spot! We will plan the sessions to meet your needs.

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