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#39 – Posted Monday September, 21st 2020

Interrupting Intergenerational Trauma

Guiding children into adulthood can be challenging. Dafna Lender brings to life a case study that illustrates why raising kids may require parents to take a look at their own experiences growing up.

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#38 – Posted Friday September, 18th 2020

How to Get Trauma Out of Your Body and Truly Heal

Bessel van der Kolk, MD shares his insight on the science behind trauma and the physical effects that take place in the body. In this article featured in BottomLine, he offers some body-based methods that he finds helpful when working with his patients.

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#37 – Posted Monday September, 14th 2020

*FEATURED BLOG POST* Linda Thai shares "Mask-wearing: A Moment to Calm the Nervous System Through Intentional Breathing"

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. One of the hardest things to get used to is wearing a mask. In this featured post, Linda Thai discusses why wearing a mask is challenging and offers insightful guidance, based on an understanding of the nervous system, that we can all use to feel more comfortable while staying protected.

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#36 – Posted Friday September, 11th 2020

The Transformation Is in the Expressive Arts Relationship

In Psychology Today, Cathy Malchiodi explains that a relational moment can be reparative and life-saving. In this article, Cathy shares a heart felt personal story that has taught her much of what she knows today about the psychotherapeutic relationship formed through expressive arts therapy.

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#35 – Posted Friday September, 11th 2020

We’re All Socially Awkward Now

In this New York Times article, Kate Murphy discusses how when people are deprived of interactions with peers, their social skills will atrophy. This is yet another side effect of the pandemic. She stresses the importance of setting time aside every day to connect with others, whether through a socially distanced chat, a phone call or a simple thoughtful text.

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