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#81 – Posted Tuesday February, 23rd 2021

Integrating Neurofeedback in Trauma Treatment

Neurofeedback Forum - March 12th, 5:30-7pm EST

Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma


In this introduction to Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma, Sebern Fisher, a long term practitioner of neurofeedback and the author of the acclaimed book “Neurofeedback for Developmental Trauma: calming the fear driven brain”, will be joined by Ruth Lanius and Bessel van der Kolk, both of whom have done extensive research on the effectiveness of neurofeedback, and on its underlying mechanisms.


Neurofeedback makes use of the brain’s capacity for change to reshape brain networks. It is a way to directly train the brain to function better. Neurofeedback is a research-supported treatment to manage arousal, sharpen attention, relieve anxiety, and improve learning …without medication.

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#80 – Posted Tuesday February, 16th 2021

Be Here Now with Michael Lee (COLLECTION)


In this 8 week series, Michael Lee, the Founder of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy will guide you in easy to follow body and breath meditation practices that will bring you home to now. You will engage both body and breath as anchors to support a shift in your "lens of self-reference". From a place of greater equanimity, stress, anxiety, fear and tension can be transformed. As the series progresses you will become more empowered to lean into life with greater ease and ride the bumps on the road of life without falling off the bicycle. Themes like Awareness, Acceptance, Choice, and Discernment will be focused in the meditation and in a short life integration that follows the practice.

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#79 – Posted Tuesday February, 16th 2021

"What's Love Got to Do With It?" Licia Sky speaks with behavioral neurobiologist Sue Carter

World renowned oxytocin researcher, Sue Carter, says it’s the hormone that makes us human, and makes our collaborative interactions possible. She explains that oxytocin allows us to come into physical, rhythmic synchrony and oxytocin is part of what makes human language possible.

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#78 – Posted Tuesday February, 16th 2021

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day from everyone at the Trauma Research Foundation! What comes to your mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? Traditionally it’s thought of as a time that celebrates love – gifts and gestures are given, and we show our appreciation to our loved ones. However, if you experience the symptoms of PTSD or trauma, it can be challenging; compliments or affection, may not feel safe, regardless of intention. Part of healing is to learn to be present in the moment with what comes up. We offer this opportunity to notice love and compassion of our own via this blog.

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#77 – Posted Monday February, 8th 2021

Music Aids Mental Health: Science Shows Why

In this article, Amy Biancolli explores why music is so good for us. What is it about music that makes it such a potent and transformative force for healing? And, what does the science say about it?

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