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#60 – Posted Monday November, 30th 2020

'Lit therapy' in the classroom: Writing about trauma can be valuable, if done right

In this Medical Xpress article, Yannick Thoraval shares how writing about traumatic experiences can be healing for the writers and can be teachable opportunities for the audience. It is important that teachers and students work together to set boundaries and guidelines in a professional setting to be constructive.

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#59 – Posted Tuesday November, 24th 2020

Thanksgiving 2020: Giving Thanks When You’re Not Feeling It

In this Psychology Today article, Zoe Weil suggests we try Naikan, a Japanese form of self reflection during this Thanksgiving. A simple practice to redirect our focus from our sufferings to our gratitudes. This may be just what we all need heading into the holidays this year.

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#58 – Posted Monday November, 23rd 2020

Is Learning on Zoom the Same as In Person? Not to Your Brain

Brenda Wiederhold, a licensed clinical psychologist explains what Zoom Fatigue is and why it’s a thing? She offers us some simple suggestions that we can do to help our brain adapt better. In this EdSurge Podcast interview by Stephen Noonoo.

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#57 – Posted Monday November, 16th 2020

Therapist: Trauma Is An Experience Of The Body. And We're All Feeling It

In this wbur article, psychotherapist Elissa Tosi talks about the added challenges this pandemic brings to her profession. Her advice is to mindfully recognize the discomfort and take time each day to practice yoga, meditation, or walk in nature to help bring the mind and body back in sync.

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#56 – Posted Monday November, 16th 2020

A Comprehensive Overview on Stress Neurobiology: Basic Concepts and Clinical Implications

Scientists from the University of Sao Paulo review the history of stress research and explore the complex neuroanatomy of the stress system. This article, published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, summarizes their research, examines clinical implications, and highlights challenges they expect to face in the field of stress studies.

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