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#92 – Posted Monday April, 19th 2021

Using Expressive Arts as Self-Regulation and Self-Care

The ability to truly heal is found through the senses and our own bodies. By Cathy Malchiodi, Ph.D., Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapist at Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute

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Masgutova Foundation
#91 – Posted Monday April, 19th 2021

In Conversation with Licia Sky - Svetlana Magutova Educational Institute

TRF CEO, Licia Sky, discusses MNRI Reflex Integration with the Masgutova Foundation Co-Founder Pamela Curlee and Core Specialists and Instructors Rebekah LaVone and Heather Taylor. The MNRI Team is the current TRF Tuesday presenters. View interview to learn about the program's history and transformational outcomes.

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Pamela Teaching
#90 – Posted Monday April, 12th 2021

Masgutova Institute || Simple is Profound: MNRI® Reflex Integration (COLLECTION)

Simple is Profound: MNRI® Reflex Integration

During this 8-week program we will explore how our primary reflexes lay the foundation for survival. These reflexes govern our ‘fight and flight’ and ‘freeze” response. By working with this ancient code, we will explore how we can find safety in our bodies and quiet down our nervous system. Once we quiet down our survival response, we will explore additional reflexes that allow freedom in our body to experience the ‘here and now’ and joy.

You will learn practical tools and exercises from the Masgutova Method to help your body and the clients you work with become more stress resilient.

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#89 – Posted Monday April, 12th 2021

In Conversation with Licia Sky - An Interview with Deborah Korn

In Conversation with Licia Sky: Deborah Korn and EMDR Therapy

Join in on a recent conversation with Licia Sky and Deborah Korn as they discuss the changes Deborah has seen in her more than three decades of treating patients with EMDR; hear about Deborah's soon to be released book Every Memory Deserves Respect, and more.

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#88 – Posted Tuesday April, 6th 2021

Mapping a new pathway to trauma-informed journalism

TRF is pleased to introduce guest blogger, Maria Murriel. We will follow her journey from the perspective of a trauma-informed journalist as she moves through the TRF Traumatic Stress Studies Certificate Program in the coming months.

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