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#96 – Posted Monday May, 3rd 2021

Building attachment from the bottom-up: Rhythms of engagement through sensory motor play

by Elizabeth Warner, PsyD

Attachment-building starts in the relationship between a newborn and a caregiver who meet skin-to-skin, eye-to-eye. Or does it begin there? Perhaps it is created, when the developing fetus is rocked in the womb as the mother moves through her world? Or when his heartbeat slows at the sound of her voice or of music? Perhaps when he kicks against the wall of the womb and the mother’s body provides resistance to his foot?

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#95 – Posted Monday May, 3rd 2021

An Introduction to SMARTmoves by Elizabeth Warner

SMARTmoves is invested in the growth and well-being of the whole person through embodied curiosity, creativity, and playfulness.

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#94 – Posted Monday April, 26th 2021

Childhood Trauma Is Not a Mental Illness

Tabitha Ferguson's story featured in Mad in America is a powerful lesson in human resilience. She shows that childhood trauma is not a mental illness; it is an emotional and physical reaction that can be healed. She makes a strong case for the need for a supportive community that uses resources to work together to help parents and children better understand themselves and how trauma has affected them to the core.

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#93 – Posted Monday April, 26th 2021

The Gift of Deep Listening - How your presence and attention can impact those you love

In this Psychology Today article by Jessie Stern, Ph.D. and Rachel Samson, M.Psych. we learn that deep listening nourishes the recipient, the listener, and the relationship.

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#92 – Posted Monday April, 19th 2021

Using Expressive Arts as Self-Regulation and Self-Care

The ability to truly heal is found through the senses and our own bodies. By Cathy Malchiodi, Ph.D., Psychologist and Expressive Arts Therapist at Trauma-Informed Practices and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute

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