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#76 – Posted Tuesday February, 2nd 2021

Word of the Year by Licia Sky, TRF CEO

Word of the year.

The ritual is to meditate and think on it through December and pronounce it on New Year’s, so I’m coming to the exercise a bit late, but it still feels like the right thing to focus the TRF lens for the rest of 2021. Dare I share it? Community- from common, meaning shared, and unity.

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#75 – Posted Saturday January, 23rd 2021

The Power of Touch

This broadcast by Doug Fabrizio from RadioWest explores how the challenges of COVID-19 and the lack of human touch are affecting us as humans. Neuroscientist David Linden tells us that touch is crucial to early human development, even more so than being able to see or hear. The topic of touch and its critical importance is the focus of current TRF sponsored research.

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#74 – Posted Monday January, 18th 2021

Peer Support: A Model for People Helping People Heal

One of the biggest problems with good psychotherapy is the cost. It’s expensive. Yet the need for psychological help and healing grows every day. Although therapy is necessary—especially for people who suffer from major trauma, depression and other psychiatric illnesses—many of us can improve how we feel with peer support.

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#73 – Posted Monday January, 18th 2021

Looking forward to 2021 - A Message From Licia Sky, TRF CEO

Now that 2021 is upon us, we would like to take a moment to share with you some information about the exciting programming we have planned for this year.

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#72 – Posted Tuesday January, 12th 2021

The Professionalization of Mental Health Services Is Ruining Friendship

Megan Wildhood, in Mad in America, explores another possible reason for the lonliness crisis our country is experiencing. Is our mental health industry playing a role in people feeling alone?

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